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Outdoor Living is Sweet – Building Outdoor Living Rooms

For many home buyers, a beautiful backyard is on top of the list of what attracts a potential buyer to a home. They take a look at the big expanse of outdoor space and consider all the possibilities. In the past, outdoor living meant creating a deck where the barbeque was placed. It was considered a space which would allow you to relax after a hard day at work. Now, people are considering the deck as an extension of the indoor living area, where people can entertain guests and relax throughout the day.

What could be better than inviting everyone outside just as the sun is beginning to set? Fire up the grill and pour a bottle of wine and you’ve got the makings of a memorable evening. The key is to provide total comfort for yourself and your guests in a space that is as cozy as it is inviting.

Speaking of comfort – there is a new project we’re getting ready to break ground on that we’re very excited about. This client wants to have a great outdoor living space in their large, but empty back yard. As you can see by the design image in the next paragraph, for this client’s backyard we’re creating something that fits beautifully with the home. To complete the overall plan, we are working with a creative landscape architect and landscaper to work on the surrounding environment and add those final accents which will pull everything together.

For this particular structure, we’ve opted to go with sturdy beams as part of the exposed ceiling. We’re also putting pillars in each of the corners to provide structural and aesthetic anchors. All of these design elements are going to give the space a kind of rustic, natural feel. However, it’s going to have a durable tile roof. But we’re not stopping there! To really set this space apart we’re going to install an electronic butler to deliver platters of food and drink down from the kitchen right to the space. For the finishing touch, we are considering adding drapes or even remote-controlled wind shears.

As we get started on this project, we’ll be posting the photos so you can see firsthand the possibilities of what might be created in your own backyard.


Before: Small Kitchen in Need of Space


After: Great Kitchen with Wide Open Space

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