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Design Build Process - Created by Design Build Specialists

Design Build Specialists has a unique process that helps our clients make an informed decision about whether they want to move forward with their construction project. We want every one of our clients to fully understand what their project, regardless of how small or large, entails and how much it will cost before we begin construction.

Unique Design Build Process

We start by coming to your home or business to find out what you have in mind. We’ll sit down with you and talk through our design-build questionnaire, so that we completely understand what you want – your needs, your desires and your budget. Then, we will walk around your kitchen, your bathroom or whatever area you want remodeled and talk about what you have in mind and the space you have to work with.

Next, we’ll invite you to our office where you can see some examples of the types of remodeling we do. We'll recap what we heard in our visit to your home or business to make absolutely sure that we understand your desires. Then, we can proceed several ways, depending on your needs. For smaller projects like kitchen or bath remodels, small room additions or space planning, we will talk about our game plan to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. We’ll discuss possible designs for your project and your budget.

Feasibility Study For Large Projects

For larger projects, such as a large room addition, we'll do a Feasibility Study so that you will know, up front, exactly what we will design and build and how much it will cost. Here's why – Architects get paid to produce plans, and they have very little accountability for the client's budget.

We'd like to tell you a story - For years, we had clients who had paid thousands of dollars to Architects for plans that were never built, and the story was always the same. The Architect comes to the client's home and they start talking about the project. The conversation comes around to the budget. The Architect says something like "Your project typically costs between X and Y. I work by the hour, and my fee is usually a certain % of the construction cost."

The client thinks this reasonable and starts the process. From the initial conversation to the completion of the architectural plans, things change and grow, and the budget grows as well. Then comes the revelation! The client puts the job out to bid, and the price comes back at Y, plus a little more. And, by the way the cost to produce the architectural plans has followed suit.

The client is left with a choice: Either pays the Architect to decrease the scope, just suck it up and pay the added freight or don’t do the project at all. Many of those clients came to Design Build Specialists years later, so we developed the Feasibility Study.

At the end of the Feasibility Study:

  • We have checked with the city regarding the feasibility of your project
  • You have Conceptual Drawings you can relate to (3D)
  • You have a realistic budget to get it done
  • You have a plan to move forward with construction

The typical Feasibility Study is $2,500. If you decide to move forward with construction, our design-build process keeps your budget constantly in the forefront. As we progress and make changes and additions to the design, we’ll keep you apprised of exactly how those changes will affect your budget When we get to the end of your project, there will be no surprises because everyone is on the same page, all along the way.

You're going to like us even more at the end of the project than you did at the beginning!

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