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Bathrooms are all about comfort and convenience. Every day someone spends at least some time in these spaces so every little excellent design or product selection, or for that matter bad choice, is lived each day. Do you like to take baths, then comfortable soaking tubs are important. Good design knows the pros and cons of all your product selection options.

Your Bathroom Will Be Designed For You

For example some people think they want a Jacuzzi but after we explain the pros and cons decide they really want a air tub or maybe just a extra deep soaker. The right shower valve is also important to think through. Is a fixed location, on a arm or multiple heads right for your needs? There is a difference in how water feels coming out of different products. You need to know this in the design phase instead of discovering this upon use. Likewise not all toilets are the same. Good design will also recognize opportunities in space planning for better use of space. This can give the client options and choices that fit what they want to spend. For example can a hot water heater be moved out of a closet and that space used for linens or other uses? How far away is the water heater effecting how long it takes to deliver hot water to the use location? Would at recirculation pump system be a good solution or an “on demand” system?

Vanities have many options and costs. A good design incorporates all the features that are important in this space so it is comfortable to be in. Nothing worse than not having enough plugs available, or having the hair blower cord dangling in the sink, or having to dig through drawers for some aspirin, or not having enough light, or worse the wrong light. Is a skylight a good option in a bath and why? How much does that cost and does that have value to you? Have you considered a heated floor? Are they energy efficient? What is the cost verses value of this option.

Finishes on walls and floors requires careful planning to really look good. Coordinating tile like feature strips, decorative inserts, and edge details all take special care to be right. Good design explores all these options and more.

It is important to start the conversation early because bathrooms can vary greatly in cost. We can remodel from the studs out for 8 x5 spaces, your most standard size bath from$ 10,000 to$50,000. Many of the baths on our site are between 20-30k. Good design always has the budget in the same conversation so at the end you have no surprises.

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