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Our name - Design Build Specialists - sums up our company philosophy. First, we will listen to your needs, which will be both financial and functional, then we will design the remodel project according to those needs. By keeping the design capability in house, we can ensure that your project meets your needs without going over your budget, and that communication between us stays simple and clear. This way, we deliver a consistent, dependable product at fair and competitive price. We have been remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and homes in San Francisco, Marin, and Sonoma counties since 1980 using this methodology, and its why we have attained our leadership position.

Kitchen Design

Good kitchen design is a combination or experience, training, and communication. It is important to ask clients the correct set of questions and listen for what they really like, need, and can afford. For example, experience has taught us to interview the client first and ask very specific questions. Does our client have a family? Does our client want to start entertaining family and out of town guests? Is the client right or left handed? This may seem like a rather simple question but the answer will affect where the appliances will be placed and the flow of the kitchen. Learn More about our Kitchen Design.

Kitchen Remodeling

Design Build Specialists can help you have a beautiful kitchen that won’t break your budget. A kitchen remodeling project can sometimes feel overwhelming because there are so many options to consider. If you want an entirely brand-new kitchen, what can you really afford? Do you need all new appliances, or can some of the appliances you already have work in your new space? If you don’t plan to be in your home for more than a few years, what changes can you make that will add the most value? Learn more about our Kitchen Remodeling.

Bathroom Design

Bathrooms are all about comfort and convenience. Every day someone spends at least some time in these spaces so every little excellent design or product selection, or for that matter bad choice, is lived each day. Do you like to take baths, then comfortable soaking tubs are important. Good design knows the pros and cons of all your product selection options. Learn more about our Bathroom Design.

Bathroom Remodeling

Design Build Specialists can help you have the bathroom that fits your needs, as well as your budget. We have been remodeling bathrooms for homes and businesses throughout Marin County since 1980. We've helped countless homeowners turn their cramped family, master and guest bathrooms into beautiful, functional spaces. We've helped numerous business owners transform cold, drafty areas into comfortable rooms for their clients and employees. Learn more about our Bathroom Remodeling services.

Design Build Process

Design Build Specialists has a unique process that helps our clients make an informed decision about whether they want to move forward with their construction project. We want every one of our clients to fully understand what their project, regardless of how small or large, entails and how much it will cost before we begin construction. Learn more about our Design Build Process.

Damage Restoration

When you are in the unfortunate situation of suffering fire or water damage to your home or business, you want to restore it beautifully, functionally and as quickly as possible. You also want a fast and fair settlement from your insurance company. Learn more about our Damage Restoration services.

Commitment to Green Building

We have been incorporating Green Principles into our projects for decades, and embrace a philosophy we call "Green Friendly".

  • We offer our customers an energy survey of the home to function as a road map while working out the details of the remodel project.
  • We understand the options available, costs and considerations for using green products. We believe in empowering our clients with relevant information so they can drive decisions about what is most important to them and how much they want to spend in dollars and time.
  • When presented with a choice in building materials, we will always choose green materials because we believe it's just the right thing to do.

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